American Semifinals Team Roping Winners and Payout
Joel Bach and Tommy Zuniga win the American Semifinals.

Joel Bach and Tommy Zuniga made it through the grueling American qualifying process to come out on top, splitting $31,860 for their 4.34-second run in Mesquite, Texas, Feb. 23. 

Credit: Courtesy RFDTV

Jake Barnes and Junior Nogueira won the exemption match roping, but in a change of pace, RFDTV President and CEO Randy Bernard announced that all exemptions will be allowed to compete next Sunday, March 2, at the American. That includes Joe Beaver, Fred Whitfield (tie-down match-roping winner), Speed Williams (with Shay Carroll), Barnes (with Nogueira) and Clay O’Brien Cooper (with Chad Masters). 

Team Roping (Top 5 teams advance)

1st Joel Bach and Tommy Zuniga, $31,680
2nd Cale Markham and Buddy Hawkins, $15,840
3rd Colby Schneeman and Seth Smithson, $12,540
4th Logan Olson and Jordan Olson, $12,320
5th Justin Davis and BJ Dugger, $12,540 Other money winners include:

Kory Bramwell and Cole Jackson, $5,280
Tyler Wade and Dustin Davis, $5,280
Chad Masters and Kory Koontz, $4,180
Coleman Proctor and Jet Hillman, $4,180
Paul Tierney and Bobby Harris, $3,080
David Motes and Dean Tuftin, $1,540
Logan Olson and Matt Kasner, $1,540

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