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Full List of 2024 Jr. Ironman Contestants
The cowboys who will be competing in the 2024 Jr Ironman during the Cinch Timed Event Championship at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma.
Ketch Kelton competes in the heading in team roping at the 2023 JR Ironman at the Lazy E Arena.
Ketch Kelton in Round 2 of the 2023 JR Ironman. | Image courtesy Lazy E Arena by James Phifer.

Ten of rodeo’s most talented young guns are preparing for the 2024 Jr. Ironman at the Lazy E in Guthrie, Oklahoma, during the Cinch Timed Event Championship.

Contestants will compete in three rounds and four events: Heading, Heeling, Tie-Down Roping and Steer Wrestling. 

Here’s the complete list of 2024 Jr. Ironman contestants:

Ketch Kelton *2023 Jr. Ironman ChampionWCJR 
Colin FoxWCJR 
Eli GreenWCJR 
Jake SheltonWCJR 
Kreece DearingWCJR 
Hank BurgessNLBRA
Micah KearneyNLBRA
Luke TippmannNLBRA
Tyler PorterNLBRA
Evan BottiniNLBRA
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