How to Win the Wrangler National Team Roping Championship Finals with Calgary Smith
Calgary Smith breaks down his short round run in the Open with Brady Tryan at the Wrangler National Team Roping Championship Finals

Situation: Short round at the Wrangler National Team Roping Championship Finals in
Billings, Montana.

Time: 4.6 seconds

Outcome: Won the average with a time of 26.14 seconds on five head, worth $10,000 a man.

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Brady was easy to heel behind because I caught all five steers. He made my job easy. I kind of struggled the first day there; I didn’t rope that good. Then when the Open came around, Brady made it really easy, and I got those ones caught for him. It worked out.


I wanted to make sure I didn’t break out. I was a little later than what I wanted to be, but we knew the steer was good and slow so, it worked out to where I could catch up fast and heel him fast.

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We knew he was good. They won the first round on him.

d) EYES:

I’m looking at the whole steer. I kind of wait and try to react to make sure he goes away from me. Then, once he turns and goes away, I try to look over his hocks.


That was only the second time we have roped together. We roped at an Open rodeo in Montana this spring, and it did not go good at all. I got a lot more seasoned.

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There was a heeling barrier, and I am terrified of heeling barriers. It’s different than all year. I really didn’t go to a whole lot of jackpots this summer. I just kind of rodeoed. I’m used to going right when my partner nods. The barrier wasn’t very long, but I definitely had to make sure they went somewhere before I could go. That’s kind of different than what I’m used to for most places because there’s usually not a heeling barrier.

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I feel like it’s easier for me to have my hand down and give my horse his head and let him work instead of trying to pull up and have everything together. It lets me deliver more when my hands are down and I can bring my loop all the way to the ground. 

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