Notable Teams Entered at Denver 2018

Some teams are changing things up to start the 2018 ProRodeo season.

Partner Changes for Denver 2018*:

Tyler Wade and Levi Tyan

Aaron Tsinigine and Kyle Lockett

Spencer Mitchell and Jason Duby

Jay Tittle and Cullen Teller

Paul David Tierney and Tanner Braden

JB James and Cesar de la Cruz

Manny Egusquiza and Levi Lord

Brit Ellerman and Marcus Banister

Ty Blasingame and Trey Yates

Tom Richards and Jake Smith

Kolton Schmidt and Cole Davison

Cole Dorenkamp and TJ Watts

Chad Masters and Jake Minor

Dustin Bird and Travis Graves

Doyle Hoskins and Ryon Tittel

Clayton Van Aken and Richard Durham

Garrett Rogers and Russell Cardoza

Jake Cooper and Logan Medlin

Brock Hanson and Ryan Motes

Charly Crawford and Clint Summers

Bubba Buckaloo and Joseph Harrison

Jr. Dees and Tyler McKnight (notable because they were not regular-season partners in 2017)

*PLEASE NOTE: These are unofficial and subject to change. 

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