Rodeo Corpus Christi Here They Come

The team roping roster is set for the 2023 WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi.

The field is set for the 2023 World Champions Rodeo Alliance’s Rodeo Corpus Christi team roping, taking place May 10-13, 2023. These 48 headers and heelers will fight for the $15,000 payday and the coveted Rodeo Corpus Christi championship surfboard.

The first stop on the WCRA’s Triple Crown of Rodeo tour in 2023, Corpus Christi will pay over $550,000 in prize money to athletes in eight events. The Triple Crown of Rodeo is a series of annual major rodeo events which includes an annual bonus that will pay $1 million to any one athlete or collection of athletes who win first place in any three consecutive WCRA Major Rodeos.

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Rodeo Corpus Christi Headers

Rodeo Corpus Christi Heelers

1.Nelson Wyatt 5150.75
2.Andrew Ward        2856.5
3.Garrett Elmore2763.25
4.Clint Keller                  1921
5.Kaston Peavy        1118.5
6.Caleb Green          1110
7.Trevor Howard      1107
8.Zeb Chapman        900
9.Casey Hicks          869
10.Erich Rogers         802.5
11.Thomas Braman            728.5
12.Clay Smith            728
13.Beau Hebert          725.5
14. Cody Wheeler        664.5
15.Justin Mascarenas  638.5
16.Hayden Blevins     576.5
17.Billy Bob Brown           521
18.Jay Tittel       400
19.Kaleb Driggers400
20.Quisto Lopez         371.25
21.Tanner Tomlinson  346.25
22.Koby Sanchez        303
23.Shea Freeland 300
24.Ty Arnold             256.75
25.Speed Williams      241
26.Marty Mclaughlin         203
27.Cody Camerer       194.5
28.Ryder Ladner        180
29.James Arviso          176.25
30.Thomas Zuniga             175
31.Kent Nixon           163.25
32.Rachel Kittle         124
33.Dustin Mueller       105.5
34.Joseph Brown        101.5
35.Kolden Huebner             101.5
36.Larry Hammons      101.5
37.Deets Davis           100
38.Riley Kittle                  91.25
39.John Samsill          91
40.Kolby Krieger 89
41. Rhyder Rosipal       81.5
42.David Valenzuela           80
43.Tee Luttrell                  80
44.Seth Driggers              78.5
45.Kaitlyn Torres        75
46.Trent Vaught71
47.Reno Stoebner 49.5
48.Greg Phillips                 37.5

1.Buddy Hawkins4686.5
2.Trey Johnson2217
3.Zack Mabry1672
4.Jade Corkill 1314
5.TyDaniel Haller1240
6.Shane Edmonson1118.5
7.Joe Mattern 1110.25
8.Cody Heflin987.25
9.Ross Lowry900
10.Justin De La Garza875
11.Stiches Stanley858.5
12.Cordell Collins810.5
13.Jake Long728
14.Boogie Ray 540
15.Casey Hicks484.5
16.Junior Nogueira 400
17.Patrick Smith346.25
18.Hayden Powell 335.5
19.Justin Vallejo 331.5
20.Gabriel Williams315.75
21.Rich Skelton302.5
22.Rachel Kittle  291
23.Tee Luttrell 280.5
24.Whit Kitchens270.75
25.Lorraine Moreno263
26.Kirby Blankenship240
27.Tye Reddell240
28.Trevor Logan238.75
29.Teagan Taylor Roukema 217.5
30.Bryer Hamilton 210.25
31.Tanner James209.75
32.Colby Talley175
33. Jesse Jolly164
34.Sergio Gonzales161.5
35.Daniel Braman119.75
36.Kaden Profili110.25
37.Larry Hammons107.5
38.Kent Nixon88
39.Jace Helton 86.25
40.Justin Ambriz 76.5
41.Ryan Cook57.5
42.Caleb Green 54
43.Michael Fortenberry 49.5
44.Reno Stoebner 43.75
45.Cole Denny43.5
46.Greg Phillips37.75
47.Jayden Cisneros15
48.Hayden Sanders8

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