2023 Easter Exclusive Lineup

Spend your 2023 Easter Weekend watching Driven, Driven 2.0, Gold Buckle Secrets, Legend and The Perfect Spin for free at

Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper. Dan Hubbell Photo

There is no better way to spend Easter Weekend than by the side of family, watching the roping industry’s foundational instructional videos for free on gives members exclusive access to full-length, professionally produced roping lessons from the best instructors and competitors in the world. This Easter, watch five of the top training DVDs out there:

Driven and Driven 2.0 with Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith provides the most detailed roping instruction available anywhere, while also teaching ropers how to handle team roping’s mental roller coaster and manage confidence and attitude in and out of the arena.

Gold Buckle Secrets with Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper

Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper won seven gold buckles and were unbeatable—and still are, to this day. The masters came together in this instructional video to teach you how they got to where they are and how YOU can work toward it, too.

Legend with Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith

The world-renowned team of Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith offer side-by-side comparisons of lower-numbered ropers and professionals to show common mistakes that keep you from winning as well as previously untold stories from the rodeo road.

The Perfect Spin with Clay Tryan

After roping professionally for more than 20 years and dominating the sport at the jackpots and major rodeos, Clay Tryan has taken what he has learned to produce an instructional video for ropers of all levels.

Ropers can enjoy these top-notch videos for free as they gather with their families this holiday weekend. is available through the native app on their Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, iOS App or Android App, or on any smart phone or web browser. also comes with membership to Power Team Ropers, a Facebook group exclusive to active members where Jake Barnes, Clay O’Brien Cooper and Matt Sherwood provide daily roping and mental performance coaching, one-on-one. 

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