Steer Report: Round 7
Here's the breakdown on the third run of the first pen of steers at the 2019 NFR.

Coleman Proctor and Ryan Motes: :20

Riley and Brady Minor were 4.3 on this steer in Round 4, and Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp had him in Round 1 to be 4.9. Hill said this is a possible go-round winner, too, at medium plus.

Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira: 14

Ty Blasingame and Travis Graves missed him on the front side in Round 4. Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan got this one down in 4.5 seconds to pick up a fourth place check. Heading into the first round, this steer was contractor Bobby Joe Hill’s pick to win the go round because he’s just off to the right and medium. 

Clay Smith and Jade Corkill: 15

Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan made a solid 4.4-second run on this steer in Round 4. This is the steer Tyler Wade and Cole Davison won the go-round on, getting a flag in 4.0.

Jake Cooper and Caleb Anderson: 3

Clay Smith and Jade Corkill were 4.3 on him. Hill said this steer will step to the right, and Rogers and Lockett got him down in 4.3 seconds to win third in the first round. 

Tyler Wade and Cole Davison: 8 

Cody Snow missed this steer in Round 4, and Jake Cooper and Caleb Anderson were 14.6 on him, with Cooper barely getting the barrier.

Tate Kirchenschlager and Tyler Worley: 17

Luke Brown and Paul Eaves were 3.9 on him in Round 4, and Riley and Brady Minor knocked this steer down in 4.7 to split last hole with Brown and Eaves in Round 1.

Matt Sherwood and Hunter Koch: 40

Jake Cooper and Caleb Anderson knocked this one down in 6.1 seconds. Clay Tryan missed this steer in Round 1. Hill said he was one of the stronger ones in the pen.

Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan: 23

Tyler Wade and Cole Davison got a leg to be 9.1 on this one in Round 4. Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira were 4.6 on this steer, and Hill said he’s a touch stronger.

Luke Brown and Paul Eaves: 1

Tate Kirchenschlager and Tyler Worley got a leg to be 9.7 on this one in Round 4. Bobby Joe Hill said this steer was a chance for the go-round, but Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison didn’t get a good go at him and knocked him down at the back end of the pen in 6-flat.

Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp: 18

Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison won the go-round on him with a 3.7-second run in Round 4. Coleman Proctor broke the barrier and Ryan Motes roped a leg on this one to be 19.0. But Hill said he should be medium and straight.

Riley and Brady Minor: 4

Erich Rogers and Kyle Lockett took a no-time when Lockett missed him on the back end. Luke Brown and Paul Eaves split last hole on this steer with a 4.7-second run. He was medium and straight on both runs in the run-through, too.

Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison: 12

Clay Tryan and Jake Long took a no-time on this steer. Tate Kirchenschlager and Tyler Worley had in him were 9.8, with Kirchenschlager sticking and Worley just getting a leg.

Erich Rogers and Kyle Lockett: 2

Coleman Proctor and Ryan Motes were 3.8 on this steer. Hill thought this was another steer to win the day money on, but Jade Corkill roped a leg to be 9.4.

Ty Blasingame and Travis Graves: 13

Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira got the barrier on this one to be 14.7. Matt Sherwood and Hunter Koch were 4.1 in Round 1 on this steer to win second.

Clay Tryan and Jake Long: 55

Matt Sherwood and Hunter Koch were 5.0 on this one in Round 4. This was one of the stronger steers in the first round, and Blaster and Travis Graves knocked him down in 5.5 seconds.

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