Top Five Skills Playlists on, powered by The Team Roping Journal, will offer more livestreams than ever before in 2023. Here’s how to watch the best ropings in the business from wherever the road might take you.

These are the most-watched playlists to kick off 2023 on, highlighting what ropers are interested in improving most.

1. Timing

Apparently, the heelers are watching closely over at Topping the most-watched skill chart is this 21-video playlist on timing, with videos from Walt Woodard, Matt Sherwood, Patrick Smith, Rickey Green and, of course, the master, Clay O’Brien Cooper.

Trey and J.D. Yates.

2. Stopping

Whoa. Ropers like Dakota Kirchenschlager, Miles Baker, Cooper, Brazile and Smith make up this 14-video playlist detailing the rope horse’s stop. From introducing the stop with Baker to smoothing out a finished horse that wants to punch on his front end, this series is a resource for heelers who need a better break, as well as for any horseman wanting a better stop.

Trey and J.D. Yates.

3. Handling Steers

With videos from Jake Barnes, Brazile, Baker, Sherwood and Rickey Green, this 59-video playlist on handling steers covers everything from helping your heeler with a dragger to handling cattle that go left to clear breakdowns of good versus bad handles.

Trey and J.D. Yates.

4. Colt Starting

Baker’s series on the Relentless Remuda’s colt-starting program was the most-watched series of 2022, and it’s hanging tough in 2023. This spring, we’ll add new videos with Baker better defining feel and explaining more about his rope-horse colt-starting regimen.

Colt Starting. Miles Baker.

5. Position

Whether heading or heeling, ropers can improve their position and up their catch percentages with this playlist. Using the Heel-O-Matic and Smarty, as well as live cattle, pros like Travis Graves, Joseph Harrison, Ryan Motes and Cooper explain the finer points of heeling position.

Trey and J.D. Yates.

New in 2023:

If you’re struggling with a specific skill but not ready to subscribe to Roping.comas a whole, you can buy just one playlist at a time to work on specific skills. Plus, we’ve got all the DVDs, like Patrick Smith’s Driven 2.0 and Clay Tryan’s The Perfect Spin, and weeks’ worth of Open roping footage,in their own playlist, too.

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