2023 Breeder's Guide Program: Flag Ranch

Flag Ranch is featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2023 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.

Champions Rhen Richard and Chics Magic Corona | Elite Equine Promotions photo courtesy Flag Ranch

Flag Ranch
Purcell, Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Flag Ranch, owned by Larry and Bobbie Rice, raised 2022’s winningest futurity horses—including Rhen Richard’s ARHFA World Champion Chics Magic Corona and Tate Kirchenschlager’s Royal Crown Champion Meradas First Diver.

That’s no accident. It’s a program steeped in history and a deep understanding of the kind of horses that excel in whatever disciples they end up in.

“The Rices understand what makes a standout cross,” Kirchenschlager said. “They really know what it takes. They are athletic, made right and fast. Their breeding isn’t what’s necessarily trendy—but it’s what wins.”

Strategically mixing run and cow, Flag Ranch offers Riata Buckle and Royal Crown prospects with proven genetics.

“Their program creates REAL horses,” NFR heeler Cole Davison said. “They have the structure and mentality to make quality rope horses. They all have the foundation that you need. I wish people weren’t finding out about this best-kept secret because I wish I could keep buying all of them.”

Flag Ranch’s own stallions, One Time Honor, First Prize Diver, Vabellez, BR Best Asset and Bobby Starlight offer diverse crosses on their wide variety of proven cow-bred and race-bred mares, setting the ranch apart and making it the only place to find their specific bloodlines.

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