3 Tips for Balancing Your Loop with Cole Davison
A balanced loop is the key to tip control.
Cole Davison 2019 NFR
Cole Davison at the 2019 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo on Apolo Oak. | Hubbell Rodeo Photo

Spoke Length

The old-school rule is that your spoke should be the length of your arm. Sometimes mine gets a little longer but, generally, I want to keep it that length. If it gets too long, you won’t feel your tip and you’ll struggle to turn your rope over. You will be swinging just to swing. Cory Petska can use a lot of spoke, but for me, when I shorten it up, I have more success, particularly jackpotting.

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Loop Size

I used to use a small loop, until I roped with Rich Skelton. Every time I’d walk into the box, he’d drag my loop out three more feet. The bigger the loop you use heeling, the better off you are. That old saying, “big loop, big money,” isn’t a joke. It goes with feeling your tip and everything as you set it on the ground. Jade Corkill uses a small loop, but he’s a different animal.

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I used to rope a lot of calves, so I feed on my first swing a lot. I feed maybe twice through five swings. Once my loop feels good, I don’t feed again. A lot of guys will feed just before their delivery, but that’s a bad habit that will change your delivery. TRJ

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