Breast Collars The Pros Use
Team ropers’ favorites.

Brock Hanson

HORSES: Rampage, 9-year-old; Doctor, 11-year-old

BREAST COLLAR: Dynamite Horseman Supply

WHY? I like the quality. They understands what it takes and the demand we put on our gear. They use good-quality leather, and if something’s not right, they make it right. For me, that’s as important as the quality of the tack. I like the slim tripping collars that have just a little curve that goes up high on the shoulders. They’re my favorite for a head horse.

MORE: $150–$175; 480-585-4073;

Buddy Hawkins II

HORSES: Daisy, 14-year-old; X, 13-year-old


WHY? They have a beadwork set that I ride on some, and a plain oil leather that I ride on some. I use just the basic roper breast collar. As a heeler, our breast collars aren’t necessarily going to be a high weight-bearing unit, but it keeps your saddle set where you put it—that’s the kicker there. I use OXBOW Tack because I like the look and they’re durable and long lasting.

MORE: $89.95–$159.95; 800-622-1285;

Hope Thompson

HORSE: Andre, 6-year-old

BREAST COLLAR: T Pop Leather Shop

WHY? He designs everything how I want it. It’s all handmade. He takes my imagination and brings it to life. His imagination is endless. I can tell him a small idea that I want and it turns out better than I ever expected. I also like T-Pop because a lot of the horses that I ride are smaller and he makes them where the strap part fits right and it centers up good—it just fits them.

MORE: $400–$500; 337-351-1399;

Wesley Thorp

HORSES: Lex, 13-year-old; Dennis, 14-year-old

BREAST COLLAR: Tres Rios Silver

WHY? I just think that it looks good and it fits my horses well. It’s a nicely made breast collar—it holds up good and looks nice. Tres Rios is easy to deal with at accommodating any needs, and their customer service is great.

MORE: $150 and up; 800-550-7535;

Ryan Motes

HORSE: Rockstar, 15-year-old


WHY? I use a three-piece breast collar from Bar H that is a part of my line with them. I like the three piece because I feel like it moves with the horse’s shoulders. It also kind of secures the saddle to keep it centered on your horse, whereas a tripping collar flops a little more when you’re running down the arena because it doesn’t have all the straps.

MORE: $205; 817-594-9820;

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