How to Ride Better Position When Heeling  with Brady Minor
Brady Minor discuses riding a better position when heeling.

I’m trying to ride a different position than I did when I was younger. I’m trying to stay wider and let things happen in front of me. It’s something I’ve tried to tell lower-numbered ropers I’ve worked with, too.

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Riding a wider position into the corner keeps me from having an awkward corner and from being too tight and losing sight of the feet and having to pull my horse up and lose momentum on my swing.

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I want to see everything out in front of me and keep my horse at the same momentum the whole time instead of stopping and starting through the corner. I almost rope coming to them more, and I can stay aggressive with my rope instead of getting up there and backing my swing off. When you’re away from the steer, you can keep power in your swing.

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Who does it best?

I watch how Jade Corkill ropes, and he rides really good position. He keeps better spacing with fluid momentum in the corner. He doesn’t have to pull his horse off and can take his first shot.

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Coming out of the box, I used to give my horse his head and get way up high. Now I hold onto him a little more. I’m holding my horse until it’s time to let him go to the steer. I’m finding my spacing going down the arena and then letting him go when I know I’m not going to get in a jam. I don’t want to be on top of the steer. I’m telling my horse to wait to make the corner until we see the steer bend. 

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