Stopping A Slump with Clint Summers

When jackpotting goes wrong, and there’s no time to get to the practice pen, how do you regroup?

Back to Basics

I go back to my trailer and rope my Pipes. I try to feel what I’m doing and what is working. I like to focus on how my roping feels and what I know I’m doing right.

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Video Breakdown

I watch my old videos where I was roping well. I watch my horse position and how I’m riding, watch what my headers do to help me and what I do with my rope. I pick out the way I did things wrong that day, and I watch what I did right in the other videos.

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I break down my videos a lot. If I’m rodeoing, and I rope a leg, I go back and watch old rodeos from past years and try to visualize doing it right. Watching those old videos can really help improve the way I’m feeling about roping, and it can remind me that I know what I’m doing and I can do it. I like to compare the good and bad runs side-by-side a good bit, especially riding in the passenger seat to a roping or a rodeo. Focusing on how I do things correctly—instead of just dwelling on the bad runs—can be a huge help in turning a slump around.

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