Supplements the Pros Use
What the best use to keep their horses healthy.

Ty Blasingame

Horse: Badger, 15-year-old; Roanie, 16-year-old

Supplement: Silver Lining Herbs

Why? I use Immune. It keeps their immune system built up. I also use the kidney and ulcer. It seems to work well on my horses. It’s all natural and they eat it good. A lot of times when you use liquid products the horses won’t eat it. With Silver Lining the horses get to where they will eat it out of your hand. I’ve tried a lot of different stuff and the ulcer and the kidney is awesome and the immune. I’ve never had trouble with horses getting down on the road. The immune keeps their immune system built up and keeps them eating and drinking. They came out with the wormer and I was using that and it seemed like it worked pretty good. My horse Badger had colic surgery last year and I started using immune on him, trying to keep it on him faithfully to keep him eating and drinking all the time.

More: 24 Immune Support $64.50 37 Kidney Support $70.00 ; 208-543-6956;

Brandon Beers

Horse: Tevo, 17-year-old

Supplement: Oxy-Gen Oxy-Max

Why? I have been using Oxygen for the past year. It is almost like an alfalfa-based pellet. I feed the Oxy-Max. Sheri Cervi is who got me hooked on it. It’s a good supplement but it mainly targets stomach issues like ulcers which almost all rodeo horses have them. With this supplement I cut down on using GastroGuard immensely after feeding Oxy-Gen. I think it makes them distribute their feed better. Tevo is 17-years-old and it’s been four years since he’s won horse of the year and he looks better now than he’s ever looked. He’s slicked off and dappled. If you didn’t know he was 17 you would say no way.

More: $140.00; 866-469-9227;

Bobby Mote

Horse: Rango, 15-year-old; Terrance, 13-year-old; Dollar, 18-year-old

Supplement: Platinum Performance

Why? They just look and feel so good. Good feed makes so much of a difference because they look good but they also feel good. When I get a new horse the first thing I do is get them on Platinum. I do a five day wormer and get them on platinum and get their teeth done. I takes them about 60 days to get straightened out usually. I bought a horse from Trevor (Brazile) and this horse was so nice so I had him tell me everything he was doing with him because I didn’t want to change a thing. When he told me that he feeds Platinum I went and got some to feed to that horse and a couple of months go by and I look at that horse and all of mine and there’s no comparison so I started feeding all of my horses Platinum. They stand out every where I go I think and they feel good. The CJ and the joint supplement seems to help because we have some older horses that have some miles on them. We have another horse that gets metabolic and they have a metabolic support supplement that you can add to it that helps them get their metabolism back in line.

More: Platinum Performance CJ $147.00; 800-553-2400;

Erich Rogers

Horse: Rob, 17-year-old; Hotshot, 13-year-old; Boogieman,11-year-old

Supplement: Renew Gold

Why? It makes they look pretty. It doesn’t get them too hot or knock them down. It keeps them just right. They have a good coat on them and it makes them shine. They keep a little more weight to them. I can keep feeding it to them day-in and day-out and nothings going to happen to them basically.

More: $34.00; 855-377-3639;

Tyler Wade

Horse: Fonzzi, 16-year-old; Bunny, 17-year-old; D-Lo, 7-year-old

Supplement: OE Nutraceuticals

Why? I use OE Clean on my good horses because they are older and they get a lot more sore easier and can’t quite take the hauling quite as good. They can’t take being saddled as long or standing for long like they used to. I have a mare that I use the align for that’s a mare and she’s a little bit hotter. She wants to get on the muscle a little bit more and we’ve had trouble keeping weight on her. So the align seems to work good to help keep weight on her. It keeps them pretty full and fat. I give it to my older horses too and it helps make them look a lot better. I never used to not be worried about taking care of my horses and they never really looked as good or worked as good. It would be the middle of summer and I wouldn’t be able to keep them sound. They always looked a little drawn up and tired. On these supplements they seem to hold together pretty good and last all summer.

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