The Top 5 Videos Most Team Ropers Are Watching This Week., now powered by The Team Roping Journal, offers new videos every week on skills ropers want to work on, plus live streams and archived content from some of the biggest ropings in the country. Plus, we’ve got the industry’s best horsemanship experts to make sure your mount is at the top of his game no matter where you’re headed next. 


Here are the top 5 most binge-able team roping videos right now on, powered by The Team Roping Journal.  

1. Danny Dietz Memorial Classic Open 

Team roping videos from the Danny Dietz Memorial
Danny Dietz Memorial Classic Open winners Kaleb Driggers and Wesley Thorp.

Our crew went to NRS for the Danny Dietz Memorial Classic held Memorial Day Weekend, where we watched the best Open ropers in the world go head-to-head in a knife-fight in Decatur, Texas. We streamed the whole roping, and you can watch it round-by-round on Plus, coming this October, you’ll be able to watch our documentary on who Navy Seal Danny Dietz was and what his legacy is today, all presented by Equinety.

2. Lone Star Shootout

Lone Star Shootout team roping videos
Lone Star Shootout winners Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins | Jamie Arviso Photo

There’s nothing quite like watching Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins do what they do in one of the biggest open ropings in the country. But this isn’t just a highlight reel—you’ll see the Open guys duke it out in Stephenville, Texas, complete with on-site interviews and commentary from Ferron Lucero and Dru Stewart. 

3. Legends of Rodeo

Trevor Brazile Patrick Smith
Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith at the 2015 National Finals Rodeo. | Hubbell Rodeo Photos

Trevor Brazile and Donnie Gay sat down with The Team Roping Journal Editor Chelsea Shaffer in Las Vegas to talk about the issues facing rodeo yesterday, today and tomorrow, as well as how those struggles shaped their careers. Only on, the Legends of Rodeo panel is a piece of rodeo history that you won’t want to miss.

4. Swing Fix: How Trevor Brazile Fixed Miles Baker’s Swing

Miles Baker and Trevor Brazile's team roping videos
Miles Baker heading at the American Military Celebration. | RC Photography

Even the best need a little help from their friends. Miles Baker’s focus was always just on training horses, and that showed in his swing. Lucky for him, he spends every day in the practice pen with Brazile, so the King caught on to what needed to change. In this top-rated video, Brazile breaks down exactly how they fixed Baker’s swing and how you can adjust yours, too. 

5. Dummy Drills: Aaron Tsinigine

Aaron Tsinigine Team Roping Videos
Dummy Drills: Aaron Tsinigine | Jamie Arviso Photo

The 2015 World Champion Aaron Tsinigine has one of the most consistent head loops in the game, and in this throwback video, he walks members through the dummy roping practice he uses to stay sharp. 

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