Patrick Smith's New Bit Line Now at Teskey's

Patrick Smith teamed up with Teskeys to create the Patrick Smith Bit Line.

About the Bit:

Patrick Smith: I just started my own bit line with Teskeys. The ported-chain portion of it is the same, but I get some that are straight-chained, some that are ported-chained. I did a cavalry shank in a longer and a regular shank because every horse is different as far as the amount of leverage you’re going to need. All of them are either straight-chain or a chain-port and there’s two different options for the type of shank and two different options for the length.

We built one that we’re actually going to call The Rooster Setup because it’s what I ride on him. It’s more of a traditional-looking bit. It has some slope to the shanks that isn’t as aggressive, but it still has a great feel to it.

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The cavalry shank is your typical cavalry shank in two different lengths with silver bars on them to dress them up. The sway-back shanks have our own floral patterns on them. We added some copper floral to them to dress those up.


We went with a little bit bigger port. They are a little larger as far as width and the size of them.


They come with a small chain curb strap. I like the feel of a chain-port bit because they’re made to ride a little bit tighter anyway, so I like having it smaller because you get a quicker reaction out of the horse. You obviously have to be careful anytime you do that. I don’t like the big, bulky look to the other chains.

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Patrick Smith’s Cavalry Chain Bit

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