AQHA Horse of the Year Results

AQHA Horse of the Year results, courtesy of the PRCA.

Team Roping – Heading

  • 1st place:? Classic (Sycamore Guld Finger)

    Ridden by Keven Daniel Owned by Zac Small
  • 2nd/3rd place SPLIT:? Vegas (Ra Sonoita Silver)

    Ridden by Turtle Powell Owned by Turtle Powell
  • Rudy (Rappers Ruff Stuff)

    Ridden by Arky Rogers Owned by Arky Rogers

Team Roping – Heeling

  • 1st place:? Dugout (CDS Quixote)

    Ridden by Brady Minor Owned by Brady Minor
  • 2nd place:? Amigo (Sunday Night Bingo)

    Ridden by Patrick Smith Owned by Patrick and Christi Smith
  • 3rd place:? Cave Man (Fine Snip of Doc)

    Ridden by Jade Corkill Owned by Jade Corkill

Tie Down Roping

  • 1st place: Sweetness (Eightys Sport)

    Ridden by Houston Hutto, Timber Moore, Clint Cooper, Trent Creager, Blair Burk Owned by Spur Resources LTD
  • 2nd place:? Reata (Smokin Reata)

    Ridden by Shane Hanchey Owned by O L Buck Daniel
  • 3rd place:? TC (Time to Catch Wa)

    Ridden by Tyson Durfey, Ryan Watkins, Fred Werneck Owned by Frederico Werneck

Steer Roping

  • 1st place:? Pokey (Senior Sonita)

    Ridden by Cody Lee Owned by Cody Lee
  • 2nd place:? Boxer (Direct Peppy)

    Ridden by Shay Good Owned by Shay Good
  • 3rd place:? Pops (Skips Harlan Tyree)

    Ridden by Rocky Patterson, Chet Herrin Owned by Rocky Patterson

Steer Wrestling

  • 1st place:? Wick (Dashes Dapper Star)

    Ridden by Wade Sumpter, Billy Bugenig, Ken Lewis, Seth Brockman Owned by Wade Sumpter
  • 2nd place:? Maximus (MP Right Back Atya)

    Ridden by Todd Suhn Owned by Todd Suhn
  • 3rd place:? Streak (Black Velvet Win)

    Ridden by Dane Hanna, Travis Carnine, Cule Edge, Sean Mulligan Owned by Travis Carnine, Dane Hanna

Barrel Racing

  • 1st/2nd place SPLIT:
    Sting Ray (MP Meter My Hay)
    Ridden by Sherry Cervi
    Owned by Sherry Cervi and Mel Potter Duke (Yeah Hes Firen)
    Ridden by Brittany Pozzi
    Owned by Brittany Pozzi
  • 3rd place:? Fire Bug (Flaming Firebug)
    Ridden by Jeanne Anderson
    Owned by Jeanne and Rick Anderson
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