A Northwest Sensation

At least, that’s what Crawford tells people.

Actually, the initials stand for Crook County, but his little roping, set for June 10-13, is becoming a big deal. For the last two years, over 2,000 teams have entered the Wrangler Team Roping Championships-sanctioned event.

“I went to my first Wrangler Roping in Sheridan, Wyo., and Dennis [Tryan, association founder] brought so much excitement, good announcers and a lot of little things: great cattle, a good score, good flaggers. We were roping for $2,500 but it felt like we were at the BFI. I decided when I put my roping on I wanted it to be a part of that. He brings so many sponsorships to his ropings. If you win the roping using a Cactus rope, you get to be a six-month endorsee to Cactus. Between Dennis and I, I felt like we could both make it grow. His Finals was the only one that added money for the open.”

One of Crawford’s goals for his roping is to make the open roping affordable, fun and a goal for younger ropers. The cattle and office help is donated and with a 100% payback, last year’s champs won $10,000. Because of that, most of the pro ropers hang out and rope in the Pro-Am and as much as their number will allow in the other ropings for the weekend.

Crawford has made some changes to his roping in an effort to benefit the lowered-numbered ropers, too. This year, they’ll be roping in two arenas, so each night they hope to finish roping early enough in the evening for folks to enjoy a meal in town.

The prize line includes saddles, rifles and a trailer. Plus, a saddle will be awarded to the high-money earner among people who’ve attended Crawford’s schools or private lessons. Crawford also relishes the chance to introduce his national sponsors—who support the roping—to his hometown.

For complete entry and prize information, find the flyer at www.charlycrawford.com or www.wranglertrc.com.

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