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Metallic Malice
Metallic Malice is featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2024 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.
Metallic Malice

Metallic Malice
Standing at and Owned by
70 Ranch Performance Horses
Gainesville, Texas

STUD FEE: $3,000

SIRE: Metallic Cat
DAM: High Boon by Mecom Blue

INCENTIVES: Riata Buckle, Pink Buckle, Ruby Buckle, Royal Crown, Triple Crown 100, Future Fortunes, Colorado Classic, Tomorrow’s Legends, Breeder’s Challenge, Legends of the South, 70 Ranch Incentive, National Reined Cow Horse Association

Metallic Malice is the exceptional 2015 son of Metallic Cat. Starting in the cutting arena, Metallic Malice boasts winnings there and transitioned into the cow horse under Brad Lund. A money earner in the cow horse and an AQHA World Show qualifier, the stallion flaunts substantial ability as a rope horse sire.

“Malice” stands 15 hands and wears a size 1 shoe, breaking the mold of typical cutters and boasting a stature that appeals broadly to cow horse and rope horse breeders alike. While Malice has the build and athleticism that breeders look for, the stallion also carries the homozygous roan gene—meaning he will throw a roan foal every time.

His oldest progeny, now 4-year-olds, have already made waves at the Royal Crown roping events. With the promise shown by his 3-year-olds, Malice’s influence is set to extend across various events. As versatile as they come, his offspring exhibit high-level potential for professionals while retaining the gentle disposition for amateur riders.

“I think once enough people ride his babies, they will be able to compete at all levels,” Don Ham, stallion manager, said. “Malice has such a good mind, is really quiet, and just a good horse to be around, and he passes that down to his offspring.”

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