Travel Tips: Pendleton Round-Up
Check out some of the hot spots around Pendleton, Oregon during the World Series of Team Roping.

As most know, Pendleton, Oregon, is notable for its famous Pendleton Round-Up, along with the Round-Up World Seriesthe World Series of Team Roping qualifier produced by Flying R Ventures, which is held at the Mustanger Arena. The Pendleton Round-Up began in 1910 and is known as one of the oldest and most prestigious rodeos in the world.

The Roping

Rod and Stephani Lyman’s Flying R Ventures produce four World Series of Team Roping events, including the Round-Up World Series Sept. 8 through Sept. 10 at the Mustanger Arena.

“We felt like there was a need to have the roping there in the Northwest,” Rod Lyman said. “There were some guys there who wanted more World Series at that time.”

The roping begins with a #14 qualifier, followed by a #13, #12, and #11 qualifiers, and then a #10 Handicap Pick/Draw. Sunday offers a #10, #9, and #8 qualifier, plus a #15 add-on roping with no age limit for those who came all the way to the Northwest. Monday offers a #12 Century Roping, a Junior NFR-Open roping and a Junior NFR #10. Both of the Junior NFR events require the new Key Card to enter.

Cattle is provided by Beers Cattle Company, owned by four-time WNFR roper Brandon Beers, who works hard to supply the Northwest with some of the best Mexican steers.

“Brandon has really made an effort to do a good job and we’ve been really pleased with him,” Lyman said. “He’s real conscious about it and wants to do a good job. You have to have good cattle nowadays or else they won’t come.”

After the roping, stick around an extra day and enjoy some of the top cowboys and cowgirls at the slack at the Pendleton Round-Up.

The Rodeo

This year the Pendleton Round-Up runs Sept. 12—Sept. 15. The Round-Up will start with Old Dominion headlining the kick-off concert on Sept. 8, during the weekend of the World Series roping.

The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation entertain you with Native dances during each performance.

The Pendleton Round-Up is unique with every run happening on a grass field, and cowboys and cowgirls gather to enter this prestigious event. Last year, Steven Duby and Trevor McCoin won this very rodeo after roping three steers in 22.7 seconds, winning $6,424 each on the long score.

You won’t want to miss out on the famous Indian Relay Races on Wednesday morning during the Rodeo, and Wild Cow Milking during performances of the Round-Up.

Also, who doesn’t love some Professional Bull Riding action? Stop by the Happy Canyon Arena and check out the Banner Bank Pendleton PBR Classic, Sept. 10 to Sept. 11, at 6 p.m.

Welcome to the Wild West

Pastimes and great adventures are something that most people look for. When you cruise through the city of Pendleton, be sure to check out some of its historic museums, including the Round-Up Hall of Fame, where 21-time WNFR qualifier J.D. Yates was inducted into the Round-Up contestant category just two years ago.

Get in touch with the cowboys’ old west and with the Native American heritage of the Pendleton area. You’ll be overwhelmed with the significance of historical sites like the Oregon Trail.

Courtesy of Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

• Round-Up & Happy Canyon Hall of Fame

1114 SW Court Ave.


• Bronze Trail

501 S Main St.


• Umatilla County Historical Society’s Heritage Station Museum

108 SW Frazer Ave.


Courtesy of Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

Stay for a While

Are you in need of a place to rest your head or even park your living quarters trailer? Head over to some of Pendleton’s finest resorts and hotels to check-in or plug-in for a few days. You can enjoy pools and spas, and maybe test your luck at the Wildhorse Casino for some extra big bucks.

Courtesy of Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

• Red Lion Hotel

304 SE Nye Ave.


• Wildhorse Hotel & Casino

46510 Wildhorse Blvd.


• Working Girls Hotel

17 SW Emigrant Ave.


Courtesy of Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

Fine Dining

Everyone needs to eat. Whether it be fine dining or a simple coffee shop, Pendleton provides.

When you ask Rod Lyman for his favorite spot, he’ll say without hesitation that Virgil’s at Cimmiyotti’s and Hamley’s Steakhouse and Saloon are two of the most popular restaurants. But even if they’re booked up during this busy week, you can find a fine meal at some of these other establishments.

• Virgil’s at Cimmiyotti’s

137 Main St.


• Hamley’s Steakhouse & Saloon

8 SE Court Ave.


Plateau Restaurant 

46510 Wildhorse Blvd.


The Saddle Restaurant and Lounge

2220 SE Court Ave.


Sundown Bar & Grill

233 SE 4th St.


Courtesy of Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

Take a Tour

Head over to the iconic Pendleton Woolen Mills to peruse their blankets and try out a brand-new handbag. Then, take time to see what the red-light district is all about, and tour the town and the underground city.

Pendleton Underground Tours

31 SW Emigrant Ave.


Pendleton Woolen Mills

1307 SE Court Place

(541) 276-6911

Tamastslikt Cultural Institute

47106 Wildhorse Blvd.


Courtesy of Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

Take the Kids

Looking for something to help distract the kids? Pendleton’s got it all. Stop by The Children’s Museum of Eastern Oregon and be hands-on with the many interactive exhibits the museum has to offer. It’s fun for the whole family.

• The Children’s Museum of Eastern Oregon

400 S Main St.


Watering Holes

Although Pendleton isn’t best known for its wine and dine, there are a few stops where you can enjoy some fine brews, along with the famous Let ’er Buck Room at the Pendleton Round-Up. Grab a seat or a bar stool, and catch up with friends and strangers over some nice, cold beverages.

Courtesy of Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

• Oregon Grain Growers Brand Distillery

511 SE Court Ave.


• The Prodigal Son Brewery and Pub

230 SE Court Ave.


• Great Pacific Wine & Coffee Co.

403 South Main St.


Courtesy of Pendleton Chamber of Commerce
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