Bobby Jean Colyer’s #9 World Series of Team Roping Finale X Top 10 Buckle
Bruneau, Idaho's Bobby Jean Colyer talks about the significance behind her #9 World Series of Team Roping Finale X Top 10 buckle.

Bobby Jean Colyer, a 5 header from Bruneau, Idaho, proudly sports her #9 World Series of Team Roping Finale X Top 10 Buckle.

“That is most definitely the buckle that I’m proudest of because that’s the most money that I’ve ever won in one setting,” Colyer, who recently roped in the American Cowboy #10 at RFD-TV’s The American, said. “We won $57,000.”

Colyer was roping with Jeff Palmer, from Mountain Home, Idaho, to place eighth in the roping with a time of 43.65 seconds on four head after catching a tough steer in the short round.

“We came back somewhere around the 24 callback,” Colyer, who owns a rodeo entry company called Rodeo Central, said. “That was the first big short round that I’ve ever been in for that kind of money. The last steer kind of came left into me pretty hard. I ended up taking an extra swing over him just to be sure I caught him because I kept telling myself, ‘You’re in a #9 roping. You just need to focus on catching and handling the steer well so that Jeff can have a chance to catch two feet.’ He got into the wall and right as I was coming up the wall I remember kind of gassing my horse a little bit to get him away. Jeff got him right as I was pulling that steer away from the wall. He nailed him right there.”

All though she would have liked to win the American Cowboy #10 at AT&T Stadium and wear that gold buckle proudly, Colyer hopes to swap out her #9 Finale buckle for a World Series Finale win.

“Ultimately, I just want to win a roping at the Finale—that’s my goal,” Colyer said. “I would trade it right off the bat for a first place.” 

Photo Courtesy of Bobby Jean Colyer
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