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Levi Lord’s Seven Ported Shank by Kerry Kelley Bits and Spurs

This month’s favorite bit: Seven Ported Shank by Kerry Kelley Bits & Spurs, ridden by 2020 NFR Qualifier Levi Lord.

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The Bits That Won the World: 2000 to Present

The complete list of team roping world champions, their horses and the bits they used to win world titles from 2000 to 2020.

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The Roper’s Bit Man: Paul Petska

Rodeoing and training horses has always been a part of the Petska legacy, but the claim to fame are Paul Petska’s Petska Bits that are ridden by nearly every team roper around the world.

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Bit Junkie: Kollin VonAhn’s Scott Ironworks Bit

Two-time World Champion heeler Kollin VonAhn on his bit of choice.

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The World’s Greatest: Preston Williams Hardware

Arizona team roper, trainer and bit and spur maker Preston Williams strives for perfection in everything he creates. He was also crowned 2009’s World’s Greatest Roper

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Clayton Van Aken’s Guide Piece

This month’s favorite bit is Clayton Van Aken's Greg Darnell bit.

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Dakota Kirchenschlager’s Headset Tool

This month’s favorite bit Dakota Kirchenschlager's Jim Collins bit.


Bit-Switch: Understanding Head Horse Bit Progression

Brazile's guide to adjusting bits throughout a rope horse's training process.

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Brooks Dahozy’s DT Stopper

This month’s favorite bit is Brooks Dahozy's DT Stopper by Randy Reid.

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The Right Hinge: Logan Medlin’s Hinge-Port

This month’s favorite bit: Medlin’s Hinge-Port The bit that won the Wildfire.

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