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2023 NFR-Qualifying Head Horse Pedigrees
These are the horses the PRCA's top 15 headers rode all season long.

The best 15 headers in ProRodeo in 2023 got to this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo on the backs of some of the best head horses in team roping, and the pedigrees of the best rope horses in the world are as diverse as the setups in the sport. In our fifth year, here’s our list of the head horses that carried the top 15 headers in the world to the NFR.

Analysis on 2023 NFR Head Horse Pedigrees:

  • There are four mares on the list, with Kaleb Driggers riding Runnin In Stilettos (who came from Garrett Tonozzi, and now owned by Jake Cooper), Erich Rogers nearly exclusively riding Popular And Famous, Jake Cooper Clay borrowing Brenten Hall’s RR Smoken Drift and Luke Brown subbing in DDD Miguelssmartbusy throughout the summer. In 2022, only three mares made the Finals, so that’s up one in 2023.
  • The average age of the head horses on the list is 13.2—exactly the same average age as the top 15 head horses in 2022.
  • Kaleb Driggers leads the heading standings with $160,185 won, and he rode at least nine horses this year at official PRCA rodeos.
  • Shake Em Tanquerygin, owned by Driggers, is the only futurity head horse on the list.
  • Our favorite horse name on this year’s list? Marcus Theriot’s gelding Guys Can Turn N Burn. Because we’d really like to see Theriot try (and rumor is, there’s actual footage).
  • For the second straight here, no sire or dam has two horses on this list.
  • Who’s riding straight run? Driggers when he rode Runnin In Stilettos and BHR Super Shake (owned by Riley Minor, who bought him from Driggers who bought him from Chad Masters); Coleman Proctor on Mabee Jessy Can; Andrew Ward on RLJ Cashnczechtafame and Cole E Man; Clay Smith’s Flinty; and both of Brown’s horses, DM Jet Off and DDD Miguelssmartbusy. The “straight run” numbers are up dramatically from past years.
  • High Brow Cat is the paternal grandsire of Uno Amarallio Gato owned by Nelson Wyatt, Raisedabobcat ridden by Driggers and DCC Colonel Cat ridden by Tanner Tomlinson.
  • Dual Pep is the maternal grandsire of Raisedabobcat owned by Drigger and paternal grandsire of Popular And Famous owned by Erich Rogers.
  • Frenchmans Guy is the maternal grandsire to Theriot’s Guys Can Turn N Burn and paternal grandsire to Driggers‘ (actually Minor’s) BHR Super Shake.

All 2023 NFR Head Horse Pedigrees:

1. Kaleb Driggers, $160,185.89 

Raisedabobcat, 12-year-old gelding

Runnin In Stilettos, 11-year-old mare

Kaleb Driggers' Runnin In Stilettos

Shake Em Tanquerygin, 6-year-old gelding

Stylakid, 18-year-old gelding

Fin Bar Whiskey One, 13-year-old gelding

Chics Like Hickey, 8-year-old gelding

Remis Gays on Ofadoc, 16-year-old gelding

BHR Super Shake, 11-year-old gelding

WSR Hesa Alive, 19-year-old gelding

WSR Hesa Alive

2. Tyler Wade, $154,941.67 

Espuela Bro, 16-year-old gelding

3. Nelson Wyatt, $145,083.21

LR Gatlin, 14-year-old gelding

nelson Wyatt’s LR Gatlin, aka colt

Uno Amarallio Gato, 12-year-old gelding

4. Dustin Egusquiza, $138,347.99

Cajun Treat, 12-year-old gelding

JE Shining Rowdy, 13-year-old gelding

5. Derrick Begay, $138,115.41

Caseys Glory, 13-year-old gelding

DISCLAIMER: Submitted as Derrick’s horses’ papers by JW Todd.

6. Coleman Proctor, $133,487. 42

SCR Sporties Playgun, 15-year-old gelding

Lena Spark Dunit, 15-year-old gelding

Mabee Jessy Can, 11-year-old gelding

7. Rhen Richard, $123,483.95

Kiowa Star Holder, 11-year-old gelding

8. Erich Rogers, $119,694.05

9. Tanner Tomlinson, $118,705.98

Missn Cowboy Sioux, 15-year-old gelding

O Lena C Booge Red, 18-year-old gelding

DCC Colonel Cat, 15-year-old gelding

Watch Goldseeker, 9-year-old gelding

10. Andrew Ward, $114,765.21

RLJ Cashnczechtafame, 12-year-old gelding

Cole E Man, 12-year-old gelding

11. Clay Smith, $103,154.31

Chief Quanah Parker, 17-year-old gelding

Chief Quanah Parker

Flinty, 9-year-old gelding

12. Marcus Theriot, $102,163.55

Grand Two Eyed Dan, 16-year-old gelding

Guys Can Turn N Burn, 10-year-old gelding

13. Clint Summers, $100,522.33

Mr Joes Shadow Bar, 11-year-old gelding

WSR Hesa Alive, 19-year-old gelding

WSR Hesa Alive

14. Jake Clay, $100,127.21

Streakin Sun Dew, 18-year-old gelding

RR Smoken Drift, 16-year-old mare

15. Luke Brown, $97,775.50

DM Jet Off, 14-year-old gelding

DDD Miguelssmartbusy, 8-year-old mare

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