Avoid Splitting Horns with the Lone Star Frio


Avoid splitting horns by using the right approach—and the right tools. Using the right rope can help you conserve energy, not waste motion and make your shot. In this video brought to you by Lone Star Ropes, Manny Egusquiza shares advice for keeping your tip up over the horns using the Lone Star Frio.

“We’re trying to ride a 1,300-pound horse and stay in good balance, so that’s so crucial to be able to keep your tip up over the horns, and keep it up over the target no matter what that horse does to your body.”

Watch “Avoid Splitting Horns with the Lone Star Frio” now:

About the Lone Star Frio Head Rope:

The Frio head rope is Lone Star’s new four-strand nylon-poly blend with our counterbalanced core. Fluorescent green and easy to spot day or night, The Frio boasts an even weight and smoothness that makes it adaptable to all weather conditions.

  • Small in diameter for a fast feel
  • Heavier than it looks

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