New Year, New Videos
Kick off the new year with hours upon hours of new videos from our leading coaches and new faces, too. 

We’re adding new video courses and coaches every week, so if you don’t see your favorites here, don’t worry. 

1. Brock Hanson and Ryan Motes

Get inside the practice pen for two days of roping with Brock Hanson and Ryan Motes as they ride both outside horses and their own prospects. Their conversational style addresses common issues the everyday roper faces with both their rope handling and their horsemanship. The footage is shot in 4K and includes slow-motion analysis of each run on each horse. 

2. Nick Sartain

The 2009 World Champion Header Nick Sartain is also a high-money winner at the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale on the heel side, and his skills apply to everyone from elite-caliber headers to the weekend warrior heeler. In this video series, he talks through a practice session on both ends of the Heel-O-Matic, as well as the ins and outs of the header’s start and the heeler’s position. 

3. Tyler Merrill

Tyler Merrill has honed his horsemanship across multiple disciplines, excelling in the reined cow horse and the rope horse futurity business. A roper at heart, Merrill brings a refined focus to his horse training that he carries into his video series, heading for Ryan Motes throughout a day’s practice sessions. 

4. Dakota Kirchenschlager

This is the second part of our series with American Rope Horse Futurity Association World Champion and Riata Buckle Champion Dakota Kirchenschlager. This set of videos walks members through an entire day at the Whitesboro, Texas, Kirchenschlager arena, working on problem horses and top-caliber futurity horses, including DT Hickory Mistycat, the mare Kirchenschlager won the record-breaking Riata Buckle aboard. 

5. Tate Kirchenschlager 

Tate Kirchenschlager has produced a PRCA Head Horse of the Year and an ARHFA World Champion head horse, and he now rides for the public at his Stephenville, Texas, facility. Kirchenschlager ropes everything from muleys to horned cattle to zebus, keeping this practice session wildly interesting. He talks through roping for his horses first, focusing on transitioning horses from ranch horses and heel horses to head horses as well as refining futurity horses through a fundamentally different program. 


New series from Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper, Miles Baker and Trevor Brazile and more from the Navajo Nation’s Warriors And Rodeo clinic with Derrick Begay, Aaron Tsinigine and Erich Rogers. 

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