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Jake Orman

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Orman and Crites Pick up Big Win at Buffalo Bill Rodeo As They Head Out for Summer Run

Jake Orman and Brye Crites won the Buffalo Bill Rodeo with a 4.3-second run worth $3,684 each.

The Spook Dun Time Heel Horse ARHFA Steve Orth

Rope Horses

Steve Orth Goes 1-2 at ARHFA Cornhusker Classic on Hudsons’ Mounts The Spook Dun Time and Dual Oak E

Steve Orth made a statement with a one-two win at the ARHFA’s Cornhusker Classic.

Resistol Reno Open

Team Roping News

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Ward and Hawkins Win Resistol Reno Open

Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins won $100,000 for their total time of 40.66 seconds on six head at the Resistol Reno Open in Reno, Nevada on Saturday, June 18.

Casey Hicks ARHFA Lincoln Nebraska Leos Cowboy Gun

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Leos Cowboy Gun and Casey Hicks Bounce Back with ARHFA Cornhusker Classic Heading Win

Casey Hicks wins first and second at the ARHFA Cornhusker Classic in Lincoln, Nebraska, June 18, 2022.

Team Roping News

The 2022 College National Finals Rodeo: What You Need to Know

The best collegiate rodeo athletes in the country head to Casper, Wyoming, June 12-18 when the Ford Wyoming Center hosts the CNFR. Manny Egusquiza

Team Roping News Lanza Nuevos Videos de Entrenamiento en Español con los mejores Lazadores Manny Egusquiza y Martin Lucero 

En la nueva serie de videos en, los miembros pueden ver cómo Egusquiza y Lucero brindan a los espectadores una mirada exclusiva a sus sesiones de práctica, run breakdowns y más.

USTRC Cinch Ladies

Team Roping News

USTRC Cinch Ladies: 2022–2023 Rules and Changes Update

Changes to the Cinch Ladies High-Points Award for the 2022–2023 season are as follows…

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Lightning Aguilera and Coleby Payne Continue Hot Streak with Woodward Win to Kick Off Summer Run

Lightning Aguilera and Coleby Payne took an early lead at Woodward Elks Rodeo with a 4.3-second run to win the title and $3,460 each.

Luke Brown Fast Time

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Gone Too Soon: Brown Family Tragically Loses Fast Time

The Brown family said goodbye to Fast Time just one day after leaving their Lipan, Texas, home for the ProRodeo summer run.

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Get Entered: TRJ July 2022 Team Roping Event Ads

Team Roping event ads from the July 2022 issue of The Team Roping Journal.

"The Score" Podcast

Keeping The Faith: Ward and Hawkins Win $100K at Resistol Reno Open

On this episode of “The Score,” Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins talk about their win at the Resistol Reno Open.

Team Ropers

Wild, Wonderful, Winning Times for Team Lockett & Tsinigine

Daddy Kyle’s winning the team roping at the rodeo with Aaron Tsinigine, and three of the Lockett Six are the 2022 Reno Rodeo Wild Pony Races champs. Will Kyle try to pull yet another NFR Hail Mary rabbit out of his hat if he and Spinny close the deal in the Reno

Rhen Richard Smarty Drill


This Smarty Drill Will Help You Master Top and Bottom Strand Control

Rhen Richard’s loop control is exceptional—and in this video presented by Smarty, he demonstrates a fundamental drill anyone can use to help master theirs, too.

Jake Edwards

Team Ropers

New York’s Jake Edwards Is Making His Move on ProRodeo Trail

Jake Edwards is a professional team roper from Fort Ann, New York. Now 23, the Empire State native is making his move on the professional rodeo trail. He’s been mixing it up with the best in the business the last few years, and this year has his sights set on big things heeling behind Pennsylvania’s Zach Kilgus.

Wesley Thorp Hunter Koch Vet Check

"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: Vet Check with Wesley Thorp and Hunter Koch

When it comes to a vet check, what matters and what doesn’t? Hunter Koch and Wesley Thorp explain what they look for in horses and what matters most to them on “The Short Score.”

Team Roping Tips

Setting Up Your Arena for Well-Adjusted Horses with Dakota Kirchenschlager

Here’s how to set up your arena for a well-adjusted horse, according to Dakota Kirchenschlager.

Team Ropers

Career Conservationist: Greg D. Robertson

USTRC Cinch NFTR winner Greg D. Robertson didn’t plan on a career in conservation management, but he’s just closed the books on a 40-year run.

Team Ropers

Some First Buckles Are More Special Than Others

Braxton is the 30-year-old son of Casey and Brandi Lambert of El Paso, Texas. He’s on the autism spectrum, and this is a family that’s never let that stop their first-born son from taking life by the horns.

Team Ropers

The Team Roping Ties That Bind The Class of 2022

Four members of the ProRodeo Hall of Fame’s Class of 2022 have ties to team roping as they look back on their most memorable moments riding into the July 16 induction ceremony in Colorado Springs.