The Right Hinge: Logan Medlin's Hinge-Port

This month’s favorite bit: Medlin’s Hinge-Port The bit that won the Wildfire.

“What I like is that it elevates them. It has a fairly good-sized port in it. I ride it on a lot of my heel horses, but Drago is naturally built a little flatter. Sometimes other bits that I ride in his mouth can get him a little bit too flat, and not be collected and pulled up—breaking at the poll as much as he needs to be. He feels the best in this bit. I swap between other bits, but it seems like I always come back to this bit because Drago is not the lightest mouthed heel horse, I promise. He’s got a little bit of a harder mouth, but that bit keeps him pulled up a little bit more and keeps him elevated, which for him is important.”

—Logan Medlin,
Two-time CNFR Champion Heeler

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