Proctor, Medlin Win Round 2 in Sioux Falls; Field of 8 Determined
A full breakdown on what the 2023 Governor's Cup is, how much it's going to pay and full results.
Coleman Proctor heading a steer to win the second round of the 2023 Governor's Cup in Sioux Falls.
Coleman Proctor heading a steer to win the second round of the 2023 Governor's Cup in Sioux Falls. | Clay Guardipee

The last weekend of the 2023 ProRodeo season is here, and that means it’s time for the inaugural PRCA Playoff Series Governor’s Cup in Sioux Falls.

The Governor’s Cup takes place September 28-30, 2023, and offers a payout across eight events of $1 million. The close of the PRCA regular season is September 30. That means that the following massive payouts will hit during the final days of the season and it will have an impact on who makes the National Finals Rodeo in December as the buzzer sounds.

Saturday, Sept. 30 Draw

Clean-slate round of eight, followed by a sudden-death round with the top four where $25,000 a man is up for grabs.

1Brenten HallPaden Bray
2Clay SmithColeby Payne
3Tyler WadeWesley Thorp
4Luke BrownHunter Koch
5Clint SummersJake Long
6Marcus TheriotCole Curry
7Coleman ProctorLogan Medlin
8Derrick BegayColter Todd

Second Round Results

1Coleman ProctorLogan Medlin4.6$10,000 
2Derrick BegayColter Todd4.7$7,500 
3Coy RahlmannJonathan Torres5.3$3,750 
4Marcus TheriotCole Curry5.3$3,750 

Second Round Draw

1Tyler WadeWesley Thorp
2Tanner TomlinsonPatrick Smith
3Clay SmithColeby Payne
4Luke BrownHunter Koch
5Kaleb DriggersJunior Nogueira
6Derrick BegayColter Todd
7Coy RahlmannJonathan Torres
8Clint SummersJake Long
9Coleman ProctorLogan Medlin
10Marcus TheriotCole Curry
11Nelson WyattRoss Ashford
12Brenten HallPaden Bray

First Round Results

1Clay SmithColeby Payne3.6$10,000 
2Brenten HallPaden Bray3.9$7,500 
3Tyler WadeWesley Thorp4.0$5,000 
4Derrick BegayColter Todd4.1$2,500 

The first performance of the 2023 Governor’s Cup started Thursday, Sept. 28 at 8:30 p.m. EST.

First Round Draw

1Brenten HallPaden Bray
2Nelson WyattRoss Ashford
3Marcus TheriotCole Curry
4Coleman ProctorLogan Medlin
5Clint SummersJake Long
6Coy RahlmannJonathan Torres
7Derrick BegayColter Todd
8Kaleb DriggersJunior Nogueira
9Luke BrownHunter Koch
10Clay SmithColeby Payne
11Tanner TomlinsonPatrick Smith
12Tyler WadeWesley Thorp
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So, how’s it work?

The top 23 athletes from the 2023 PRCA Playoff Series AND the 2023 NFR Open champs competed in Puyallup at the Washington State Fair September 7-10.

The teams who finish in the top four in Puyallup will meet up with the top eight in the 2023 PRCA Playoff Series standings (as of Sept. 18) and head to Sioux Falls.

Refresher on the PRCA Playoff Series: The PRCA Playoff Series? What's that?

What’s the big deal?

Money, baby. With a $244,444 purse in the team roping, meaning $122,222 on both ends, the Governor’s Cup is likely to determine who makes the NFR, at least in bubble territory. Here’s how the payout looks:

Rounds 1 & 2 (Thursday, Friday)

The Governor’s Cup will allow the 12 qualifying contestants to compete in rounds one and two of competition. 

Those rounds will have the following payout: 

  1. $10,000
  2. $7,500
  3. $5,000
  4. $2,500

Final Four Round (Saturday)

After the first two full rounds, the top eight teams on two head will advance to Saturday’s round. In Saturday’s clean-slate round, fifth-eighth place will pay $2,555 each, and the top four fastest times will advance to a four-man short round. 

The four-man shootout round will pay the following amounts:

  1. $25,000
  2. $19,000
  3. $12,000
  4. $6,000

2023 World Standings

As of Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023.


1Kaleb Driggers$160,185.89 
2Nelson Wyatt$145,083.21 
3Tyler Wade$137,941.67 
4Dustin Egusquiza$135,480.57 
5Derrick Begay$125,559.86 
6Rhen Richard$123,483.95 
7Erich Rogers$119,694.05 
8Tanner Tomlinson$118,705.98 
9Andrew Ward$114,765.21 
10Coleman Proctor$98,487.42 
11Jake Clay$97,497.97 
12Marcus Theriot$92,283.14 
13Luke Brown$91,775.50 
14Clay Smith$90,598.76 
15Cody Snow$89,753.32 
16Dawson Graham$87,694.33 
17Coy Rahlmann$87,352.31 
18Brenten Hall$86,680.56 
19Clint Summers$81,018.02 
20Aaron Tsinigine$78,083.70 
21Chad Masters$76,632.27 
22Jr. Dees$74,590.80 
23Pedro Egurrola$69,173.92 
24Keven Daniel$67,896.99 
25Tanner James$67,313.45 
26Riley Minor$66,419.79 
27J.C. Yeahquo$66,383.16 
28Jake Smith$64,994.74 
29Paul David Tierney$63,494.69 
30Hagen Peterson$62,789.05 


1Junior Nogueira$160,185.89 
2Wesley Thorp$155,168.94 
3Colter Todd$140,727.06 
4Levi Lord$135,480.57 
5Jeremy Buhler$123,483.95 
6Paul Eaves$120,045.37 
7Patrick Smith$118,705.98 
8Buddy Hawkins$114,765.21 
9Logan Medlin$98,487.42 
10Jake Long$95,023.57 
11Tyler Worley$93,983.17 
12Hunter Koch$91,775.50 
13Jonathan Torres$91,159.03 
14Cole Curry$88,681.17 
15Paden Bray$88,551.30 
16Dillon Graham$87,694.33 
17Coleby Payne$85,663.46 
18Billie Jack Saebens$80,630.19 
19Trey Yates$79,982.27 
20Justin Davis$79,321.91 
21Ryan Motes$78,710.72 
22Chase Tryan$77,942.52 
23Ross Ashford$77,047.05 
24Travis Graves$74,193.18 
25Brady Minor$66,419.79 
26L.J. Yeahquo$66,383.16 
27Caleb Hendrix$64,291.11 
28Corey Hendrick$64,142.67 
29Tanner Braden$63,494.69 
30Wyatt Cox$62,780.44 
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