Back Boots the Pros Use
Team roper’s favorites

Dakota Kirchenschlager

Horse: Spoonful of Comfort, 6-year-old

Back Boots: Fastback

Why? They support my horse’s legs really well. They don’t slide up. I’ve had a lot of boots in the past that would slide up on the back legs when my horse would stop. These boots usually stay down good and they protect the horse’s legs from strains and from burning their fetlocks.

More: $60;; 800-479-1851

Chad Masters

Horse: Clint, 12-year-old; Twinkie, 10-year old; Jackson, 14-year-old

Back Boots: Cactus Gear

Why? My horse slipped out from under himself at a roping and ended up cutting all the way through the boot. It’s no telling what it would have done to his leg if I didn’t have a boot on. Since that day, I have really been paying attention to make sure that I boot my horses up all the way around. I’m really happy with them. They’re pretty long-lasting.

More: $80.99;; 839-569-4666

Tyler McKnight

Horse: Double D, 10-year-old; Houdini, 12-year-old

Back Boots: Classic Legacy 2

Why? I think they’re good to keep your horse from hitting themselves. It also keeps their fetlocks from burning when they slide and keeps them stopping good all the time.

More: $84;; 817-573-1884

Coleman Proctor

Horse: Carmine, 17-year-old

Back Boots: Iconoclast

Why? I like their double strapping system. It seems like it gives them more support. You can range them to where they’re taller or shorter. They last—I use mine hard every day, especially when I’m home. What I love is that I have a washing machine treatment in the barn and you give those boots a little washing machine treatment every now-and-then, the velcro stays good and they last.

More: $155,; 972-741-3513

Clay O’Brien Cooper

Horse: Maximus, 13-year-old

Back Boots: Cactus Gear Leather Skid Boot with Velcro

Why? If I’m practicing or at a jackpot roping I usually use the velcro skid boots because they’re going to be on for a long period of time. They’re cooler and they still protect the fetlocks when they slide. The piece that protects the fetlock has kind of a hard-shell protection. The skid boot might protect better if they skid on a rock or something, but the sport boot probably protects more of the tendon and leg area. Mostly, I’m just trying to protect his fetlock area for sliding.

More: $78.99,; 839-569-4666

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