Bit Junkie: Tyler Wade's Bit Choice

Why Tyler Wade rides a Kerry Kelley bit and what he likes about this particular bit.

Kerry Kelley Bits and Spurs

Tyler Wade’s Kerry Kelley Bit.

“My horse bridles up too much. I only rode it on him for two weeks, and he’s good now, so I took it off of him. He would bridle up, and then when I would score and pull a little bit and he would get his head and lift his front end up. I just put this gag on him to keep his front end up, that way when I would drop my hand he would go down running versus getting his feet off the ground and then take off. It just gives me a flatter go.” 

—Tyler Wade,
Two-time NFR header

To order Kerry Kelley Bits and Spurs check them out online or call 817-594-1775.

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