Brazile: Why Bits Matter in the Box, and How to Choose One Wisely

In this month's Relentless Insights, 26-time World Champion Trevor Brazile breaks down how he chooses a bit that fits each horse.

How your horse responds to each bit or bridle in the box is the key to knowing if that bit will work during the run, according to 26-time World Champion Cowboy Trevor Brazile. 

“When I get a horse in to ride, I’ll take out two bits—a chain and a port,” Brazile said in this month’s edition of Relentless Insights, presented by Cactus Ropes. “I need to know what kind of bit each horse is most comfortable in in the box. A horse will tell you more in the box than he will anywhere in the run, and if a horse doesn’t score, then he’s no good to you anywhere else anyway. The box is where I address everything right off the bat.”

Watch “How to Choose a Team Roping Bit” now:

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