Cinches the Pros Use
Team ropers' favorites.

Kory Koontz

Horse: Abby, 22-year-old mare; Remix, 11-year-old gelding; Raider, 15-year-old gelding

Cinch: Sensorflex Fleece Straight Cinch by Equibrand

Why? I feel like that gives my horse all the support that he needs under there. It seems to be the most comfortable, and it doesn’t seem like the sweat affects it a whole lot over time. It seems like I use about two cinches a year.

More: $67.99;; 800-654-7864

Lari Dee Guy

Horse: Chica, 17-year-old mare

Cinch: 5 Star Roper

Why? They have the colorful cinches. They can be designed just how anyone wants them. I like them because they’re cool looking and how the mohair is. I feel like they’re the best cinches around, just like the pads. The mohair is so good that they breathe well. I usually use a 28-inch or, on my smaller calf horses I may use a 26-inch.

More: $116-$196;; 870-389-6328

Travis Graves

Horse: Chip, 9-year-old gelding

Cinch: Cow Horse Supply

Why? They don’t gall no matter what. The ring sits further back so it doesn’t rub or touch between their legs. I use a size 28 on all of my horses—even a bigger horse. They breathe good and you don’t ever have any problems with any rashes or anything if it gets hot or anything. They last forever—about four to five years.

More: $150;; 817-220-8200

Riley Minor

Horse: Bob, 16-year-old

Cinch: Cactus Saddlery

Why? My dad always used a mohair so I guess I just use what he used growing up. I use them on all five of my horses.

More: $68;; 800-411-1986

Brock Hanson

Horse: Blaster, 7-year-old gelding

Cinch: Sensorflex Fleece Roper Cinch by Equibrand

Why? My favorite is a Classic Equine. They make a padded one that is almost like sheepskin that goes underneath the horse. There’s no spot for it to pinch. If a horse is out of shape or hot and sweaty, you can gall them and make cinch sores on them that are painful for a horse. Every time you ride a horse, the chinch rubs there but, with the padding, the metal never touches the horse.

More: $79.99;; 800-654-7864

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