Fast Back Introduces Handmade Bit Collection

Fast Back has worked with Greg Dutton to develop an exclusive line of handmade bits. These bits have been developed and tested on horses of all different types and training levels to make sure they will work for you. Each bit fits into a progression of training and competing, and provides a full selection from mild to severe.

“We are thrilled to work with Dutton Bits to build our new handmade bit line,” said Al Benson, general manager of Fast Back. “Greg’s top-notch workmanship, quality, integrity and lifetime product guarantee are consistent with Fast Back’s way of doing business. This is an ideal partnership, and Fast Back is proud to offer this great new line of bits.”

Dutton believes that if a bit is comfortable for a horse, the horse will be more attentive to the rider. If the horse is listening, the rider will get the desired response with the least amount of pressure necessary. The new Fast Back line of bits is comprised of both solid bar bits and newly developed chain mouth bits.

“These bits are styles we have developed and tested over time that we think best suit the competitive horseman’s needs,” Dutton said. “It has been our theory for a long time that if you will find at least three bits at each stage of training, and alternate between them, you will keep your horse lighter longer, preserving the feel of his mouth for maximum performance. All mouthpieces are made from sweet iron and copper for the best possible comfort for the horse.”

The complete line of 19 bits is comprised of 8 mouthpieces in both a long cheek (8″) and shorter cheek (7″), and a D-Ring snaffle. The line is available through Fast Back dealers and may be viewed in the catalog section at

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